Your most valuable tool for water rescue.

EDDE Universal is the latest and best in our general use rescue flotation lines. EDDE Universal is designed for use by members of the public and rescue professionals alike. EDDE replaces all existing water's edge rescue systems. The size of a standard throw line but with the buoyancy of a life ring and rope length of up to 25 metres, EDDE Universal is your best option.

Weighing less than 1.5Kg enables more accurate and longer throwing distances to be achieved by everyone compared to what is achieved with life rings, with the added benefit of a self-inflating support system deploying in less than 7 seconds.

EDDE Universal is ideal for any area near water, whether that's a pond, lake, river or the ocean. EDDE Universal is a big floatation system in a small package.

EDDE Universal is fast and easy to deploy.



About EDDE




James has re-educated himself in many ways in the most recent stage of his life - from learning new technology to designing life-saving rescue systems.  By becoming a STEM Ambassador he hopes to be able to encourage future generations to be innovative and hard working in order to achieve their goals.  He embraces new challenges with great enthusiasm and a willingness to further his knowledge in emerging technologies.  With previous experience as a professional photographer, he has utilised UAV and visualisation technologies in his current project of designing systems in the emergency rescue sector.



I have been operating in Safety, Oil and Gas sector for over 20 years with Global power generation companies. I have been at the forefront of specialist fire and rescue training, advising and development for over 20 years and have developed a global name in this area of business and health and safety and a member of the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service for 17 years. In 2014  I came up with the Idea of EDDE water rescue device when running a Water rescue course for the emergency service. Working in the Rescue world has given us unique view of what the rescue world requires in both in the private sector and public sector for delivery of ground breaking technologies,


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